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Inspired by astrology, nature and the moon

Purchasing a TATTOO PASS TICKET allows you the right to have this design tattooed by another tattooist, or to reserve it to be tattooed by me in the future.

*One ticket= one tattoo.


This is an EXCLUSIVE ONE OFF large design is limited to one  pass only. There is one pass also  available for the black and white version.

Once confirmed and purchased, you will receive a high res file of the design, and your "ticket"  certificate of permission, as a downlaodable zip file sent to the email attached to your purchase. 

Please note you are purchasing the colour version. There is a black and white version available also.

Designs are only for tattooing once , no branding or commercial use is permitted in any form.

Please note: This design cannot be changed after purchase. This is not a purchase of a custom design. If your require a custom design please contact me directly through email or Insta DM.


*I reserve the right to tattoo this design once myself.

EXCLUSIVE TATTOO PASS TICKET 'The Sea Goat' Capricorn moon colour tattoo design